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Limited Lifetime Warranty

epoxy foxy limited lifetime warranty


Our Epoxy Foxy Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects repairs and malfunctions related to performance or materials (peeling and chipping). When necessary, the Warrantor will repair or replace the material at no cost.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is limited to replacement in-kind materials determined to be defective only.

​The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage of a product resulting from negligence, damage of a product resulting from unauthorized modification of the product or materials, damage caused by a natural disaster, or different humidity variations.​

In the event of defects or failure related to the performance of warranted, you shall contact the Warrant by email ( or by phone (+1 408-641-5181), and send photos and other pertinent proofs within fifteen (15) days following the discovery of the defect.

In acceptance of this Limited Lifetime Warranty, the client agrees that in case of any legal action, and/or litigation against the Warrantor related to the legality and enforcement of this warranty shall be commenced in a court of competent jurisdiction within Santa Clara County, State of California under the terms and conditions of California Law.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is subject to an application of a new clear coat every (5) five years.


Looking to give your San Francisco Bay Area home or business a sleek and modern upgrade? Check out this amazing flakes! These floors are not only visually stunning but they are also incredibly durable and low-maintenance.

Plus, they are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your floors with flakes epoxy.

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Client spotlight.
Thank you for the awesome review, Bonnie. We absolutely love how your floor turned out! ✨

⚡️Harry Potter fans! ⚡️✨

Check out this custom 📸 Coastal Blue epoxy floor with Golden Snitch flakes!

They are not a Patronus but they sure seem to be keeping Dementors and darkness away. 🧙🏼🪄🦌 It's the perfect addition to any Harry Potter-themed room or other space that needs a little bit of magic.

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Are you a Business Owner? 💼👨‍💼👩‍💼
How about upgrading your business space with epoxy floors? 🚧💡

Here are just a few benefits:

1️⃣ Durability - Epoxy floors are resistant to chemicals, stains, and heavy foot traffic, making them perfect for high-traffic areas.

2️⃣ Easy Maintenance - With their seamless, non-porous surface, epoxy floors are a breeze to clean and maintain, saving you time and money.

3️⃣ Aesthetics - Epoxy floors come in a variety of colors and finishes, adding a sleek and professional look to your business.

4️⃣ Cost-effective - Epoxy floors are a long-lasting investment that can save you money on repairs and replacement costs in the long run.

Upgrade your business space today with epoxy floors! Contact us for more information.

Get a free quote now: 🦊

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Before: 😔🚧 This concrete floor was looking pretty sad. It was cracked, stained, and needed some TLC. 😫

After: 😍✨ But check it out now! With a brand new epoxy floor, this space has been totally transformed. It's now shiny, smooth, and super stylish. 👌

With Epoxy Foxy, you can say goodbye to the days of drab and damaged concrete. This durable and low-maintenance flooring option is the perfect way to breathe new life into any space. 😎

Check our styles:

Marble Metallic - Grey with Pearl accent ...

With epoxy flooring, you can say goodbye to the days of damaged concrete. This durable and low-maintenance flooring option is the perfect way to breathe new life into any space. 😎 Whether you're looking to update a garage, basement, or even a commercial space, Epoxy Foxy can help you take it to the next level. 😍🚀 ...

📸 Epoxy and Flakes - Tuxedo

Upgrade your home's value in the SF Bay Area with epoxy flooring! Durable, low-maintenance, and customizable - it's the perfect addition to any space.

Check our styles online:

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See the stunning transformation!
Before: A broken and outdated floor. 🥺
After: A beautiful and stunning epoxy floor. ✨🦊

For more info:

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Epoxy flooring has become extremely popular in the San Jose, CA area due to its many advantages. Not only does it provide a smooth, polished look that can transform any room, but it's also incredibly durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and fading. Whether you're dealing with heavy foot traffic or spills and splashes, epoxy floors can withstand the test of time and keep your home looking its best.

In addition to its practical benefits, epoxy flooring also offers a range of customization options. From metallic finishes to custom colors and designs, you can truly make your floor a reflection of your personal style. And with its easy maintenance and long-lasting durability, epoxy floors are a smart investment for any homeowner looking to increase the value of their property.

To learn more: 🦊

So, why wait? Upgrade to epoxy flooring today and experience the many benefits for yourself! #EpoxyFloors #SanJose #HomeValue #Flooring #Durability #Style"

Tired of the same old Valentine's Day clichés? 😴 We've got you covered! Forget the boring "roses are red, violets are blue" and take a walk on the wild side with a comparison that's sure to make you smile. 😁

This Valentine's Day, we're wishing you a love interest as reliable and durable as our epoxy floors. 💕 Trustworthy? Check. ✔️ Safe? Check. 🔒 Gorgeous? Absolutely. 💖

Whether you're walking on our floors or spending time with your special someone, you deserve nothing but the best. 🌟 So let's ditch the tired tropes and celebrate the unique qualities that make our floors and your love interest one of a kind. 🎉

🦊 🔥 Get a free quote now:

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