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Patio Coatings in San Jose, CA

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Reawaken Your Floor With Patio Concrete

Patio coatings provide unbeatable aesthetics and function to your concrete floors. The experts at Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings offer top-of-the-line polyaspartic and polyurea floor coatings for all types of concrete surfaces. Transform your patio floors with the help of our trained professionals today.

Our team trains tirelessly to provide exceptional patio coatings at affordable prices. We stay at the top of the industry by using advanced polyaspartic coatings. These options are more durable and longer-lasting than conventional epoxy coatings.

Take advantage of our many years of experience by contacting Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings today. When you choose Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings, you choose top quality and professionalism.

Patios provide the perfect space for enjoying time with family and friends. However, untreated concrete floors remain exposed to harsh weather conditions and various sources of damage.

Signs of a damaged concrete floor include the following:

  • Accumulation of mold and mildew
  • Cracking, chipping, or spalling 
  • Moisture damage 
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven floor texture

Damaged concrete floors look unsightly and pose serious safety concerns. Trust Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings for all your patio coating needs. We revitalize damaged concrete floors thoroughly and efficiently.

Contact our friendly staff immediately if you notice any signs of a damaged concrete floor. We provide helpful same-day service to repair concrete floors. Prepare your concrete floors for the spring and summer by trusting Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings for all your patio coatings.

We provide upfront cost estimates, expert product recommendations, and friendly customer service for all patio coating projects. Visit our website to explore our previous work upgrading drab concrete floors into works of art. We offer coating removal services to help homeowners replace older flooring, such as tiles and carpets, to make room for long-lasting polyaspartic coatings.

Our Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings team continually strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. We offer everything from three-coat system patio coatings to moisture-block services and limited lifetime warranties. Speak to our friendly staff today to learn more about our generous warranties and exceptional services.

Due to technological advancements, patio coatings are cost-effective solutions for protecting concrete floors. We proudly offer Homeowner’s Financing through our Joist app to assist homeowners through the payment process.

We are committed to providing service of the highest quality.

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Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

Patio floors help you make the most of outdoor activities, share meals with loved ones, and experience the beautiful San Jose weather. But did you know your concrete patio floors deteriorate over time due to UV radiation, moisture damage, and bacteria growth? Trust Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings to upgrade your vulnerable patio concrete floors.

We love helping homeowners safeguard their concrete patio floors. Speak to our friendly staff today to learn more about our glitter, flake, and metallic coating options.

We specialize in installing anti-skid, matte finish, and flake floor coatings. Instead of paying for costly concrete floor replacement services, trust the pros at Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings. We always put the needs of our customers first.
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The many benefits of patio concrete floor coatings include:

● Increased Property Value.
● Improved Safety.
● Better Functionality.
● Extended Lifespan.
● Improved Curb Appeal.
● Easier to Clean.

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The Coating Process

Our concrete professionals work diligently to provide long-lasting solutions for our valuable customers. Our patio coatings withstand many years of scratches, UV radiation, and moisture damage. Keep reading to learn more about our coating process for patio concrete in San Jose.

Floor Inspection

Our team carefully inspects your concrete floor for signs of moisture, damage, and cracks. We utilize advanced techniques like diamond grinding, crack leveling, and moisture-blocking to ensure maximum adhesion of floor coatings. We prepare concrete floors for floor coatings with attention to detail, patience, and unmatched expertise.

Apply Coating

We utilize high-quality Versatile Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings for all patio coating projects. Our team uses a base coat of epoxy, followed by colored flakes if requested. We finish the job by applying a polyaspartic topcoat.

Another advantage of or coatings is that they cause minimal disruption to your home. Depending on the humidity and temperature, many of our coatings completely dry in only two days.

How to maintain an epoxy floor coating?

Why Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings?


Many professional concrete coating companies tout speedy results and low prices, but the Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings pros believe in quality over quantity. Our staff works collaboratively with customers to create beautiful concrete coatings that stand the test of time. We never charge hidden fees and aim to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Avoid the stress of damaged concrete floors by enlisting knowledgeable concrete patio specialists. We offer countless style options to suit every aesthetic preference, including premium solid, flake, and customized design options. Our team loves crafting one-of-a-kind patio concrete floors for our customers.

Epoxy Foxy Floor Coatings offers top-rated patio coatings in San Jose, CA. Call our team at (408) 641-5181 for your free estimate today!


epoxy foxy limited lifetime warranty

Highly Durable

High-performance epoxy resins make epoxy flakes exceptionally durable and slip-resistant. They are ideal for retail garages, basements, commercial and industrial interiors.

Easy to Clean

It’s very easy to keep your floors looking brand new. Epoxy floors are low maintenance, hassle-free option. Whether you are using a mop or vacuum, you’ll love how easy it is to maintain a fresh, clean look.
epoxy foxy limited lifetime warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty*

Your beautiful epoxy flakes floors will last for decades without heavy or strenuous maintenance. The beautiful quality about this coating is that they hide any imperfections cause by usage. They are also very durable and we can guarantee that they will last for a long time.

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