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Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of information will be required for an estimate?

We usually need to find out the square footage of the area that you’re looking to have coated, the style you’re interested in having and a description of the conditions of the surface. It is important to let us know if you would want to include steps, foundation or any other additional surfaces you want us to coat.

Can Epoxy Foxy provide a written estimate prior physically visiting the project Area?

Yes, Epoxy Foxy Inc. can provide estimates for residential and some commercial projects based on videos, photos and square footage taken by the customer. Epoxy Foxy Inc. will enable the customer with a preliminary estimate that will require our team to retake all measurements and inspect the project area before providing a final estimate. Preliminary estimates are subject to change and are not final.

How long will my epoxy floor take to cure after installation?

At normal 70-80 degree conditions, please allow a prudent amount of time for the epoxy to completely cure. These may vary depending on temperature, ventilation, humidity and wind conditions. For most installations we ask at least for these minimum, but please allow more time if possible.
– To walk over, please allow 24 hours after last day of service
– To return appliances, such as, washer, dryer, gym equipment or similar back to the floor, please allow 2-3 days after the last day of service
– To park vehicles, please allow 4-5 days after the last day of service

How do I clean my new epoxy floor?

Cleaning epoxy floors simply needs a broom, hot water and soap
– Sweep floor with a broom or Swiffer Duster Mop
– Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing hot water and a few drops of dish detergent
– Mop the floor with a string or sponge mop

How much lead time is it needed for a project to get started?

We usually require 4 days lead time after you sign your agreement with us and before we begin working on your project. This time may vary depending on the project and it is needed in order to receive materials. Exceptions could be made depending of the scope of the project, material availability, and what’s agreed between the customer and the Epoxy Foxy Inc. representative.

Do you offer financing?

We offer Homeowner Financing through our partner app Joist.

– Homeowner Financing option is viewable on the customer’s estimate and invoice
– Customers can click and check their personal rates in minutes – without affecting your credit score in most cases
– Once approved, funds are transferred directly to the customer within a few days

What payment methods do you accept?

We enable multiple payment methods, some are free and others are fee based:

Free – Cash, paper check, electronic check

Fee based – 3% markup will be added on Credit Card payments, except when paying for 10% downpayment

Financing – We offer Homeowner Financing through our partner app Joist.

Will your team be moving out my belongings from the project area?

Our expectation is for the project area to be completely cleared from items that are in the way of our installers to start their work. Failing in moving them ahead of our visit could result in delays, items damaged or misplaced and or additional charge for Moving Service, which is a service you can request from us.

Will there be toxic chemical fumes released during and after the installation? if so, how long will they remain?

Yes, there will be fumes released during the installation of your epoxy floor. Although, some sealers may smell stronger than our primers the fumes released may affect the air inside our customer’s homes. Expect the fumes to remain until the floor is fully cured. The curing period may prolong depending on temperatures, ventilation, and number of coatings applied, but in general fumes will dissipate day by day for a period of 3-10 days after the installation was completed.

Will there be dust too much dust released during the installation?

During the preparation of the concrete floor Epoxy Foxy Inc. installers will be grinding the floor and removing a thing layer in order to enable penetration of the primer and a tight bond. This aggressive sanding caused by the grinding can cause dust to be released. Our concrete grinders all contain an attached port that absorbs these dust particles, minimalizing the amounts being released. Some people may be more concerned than others and they may also be the judge to let us know if it is important for them to have us cover their belongings, air ducts, windows or doors. If dust is a concern of yours please let our installers know and they will gladly cover the areas of concern.

Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings

epoxy foxy limited lifetime warranty

Highly Durable

High-performance epoxy resins makes industrial epoxy exceptionally durable. They are ideal for retail stores, nightclubs, car showrooms and residential interiors.

epoxy foxy savings


Epoxy coatings offer inexpensive and durable protection for concrete floors, lasting for many years and reducing maintenance costs over time. Businesses with epoxy coatings often spend less money on flooring over time.

Chemichal Resistant

Epoxy floorings can be formulated to deliver chemical resistance to specific types of chemicals, for businesses requiring this type of chemical resistance for the safety of their workers.

Color Coated

Designate specific work zones within a single building using different colors of epoxy flooring for this purpose, indicating which areas are used for storage, vehicle parking, foot traffic and more.


With anti-skid, impact resistant and fire resistant options available, epoxy flooring is safe for a variety of industries. This can improve productivity while reducing incidents and near misses at the work site.


With different colors and patterning flecks available, epoxy coating is an asset in show rooms and stores where product display is critical to the success of the business.

man applying epoxy flooring in large industrial space

Protective and long-lasting

Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for areas where the floor is subject to heavy traffic. A great feature of epoxy coating is that it is impervious to stains of all kinds. It is extremely easy to clean, maintains its shiny look, and will continue to reinforce the look of the floor for a long time. Moreover, it will not crack up with the variations in temperature brought on by the changing seasons. Our epoxy floor coatings have protective and long-lasting attributes that will help continue to keep your floor looking great for a long time.

We want to help you protect your investment and increase the value of your facility.

How to maintain an epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy and Flake Application Demo - Epoxy Foxy